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  • The addition of bottle o' enchanting to /shop
  • More mending-type warps to improve levels of congestion at the current /warp mending
  • Payed for enchantments on items (ex: A diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking VII)
  • The addition of villager eggs to /shop
  • Adding more items to the website's shop (in-game currency, items, custom rank titles (equivalent to gold rank)
  • Large expansion of world borders with the release of 1.14
  • New websites for voting?

-The mending warp is normally being used in all useful ways when there are 15+ players online, so by adding bottles o' enchanting, you can (theoretically)effectively remove the richer players from the warp, allowing more players to use it
-More warps with the same focus of /warp mending would address the aforementioned issue
-These would just be a way to allow players with a little extra real money to get by somewhat easier, whether it be someone who mines their heart out, wants to 1 hit any non-boss mob, or someone who just wants to cut trees down all day
-Villages are an obvious issue with the new release coming soon. People have mostly all the villages wiped clear of villagers or kept under lock & key. By adding villagers to /shop, there is a chance that more players will be able to make communities to protect in the future with the new version.
-This is just a way for the server to make extra money. Many successful servers do it and I see no obvious reason as to why BizzCraft shouldn't
-This would just be so players can explore more of the world, find more structures, and obtain some more of the rare items
-Voting is essential for most servers, and this would allow players to obtain more vote keys to sell, buy, or use
Posted Jan 11, 19 · OP

I know I posted this on discord and you know my answer but I wanted anyone that considers this forum post to also know what I think about these. (In no way saying these ideas are bad or anything and can see why you want these added in, just wanted to add another side to it).

Also p.s. I am not a staff member so nothing of what I am saying is 100% on what staff would say/agree on, it is just what I have observed from playing this server for a while. :)

1. Bottle o' Enchanting in /shop: I dont have much of a problem at all with this addition tbh, am curious at what the price of these would be though so the only problem I would have is the pricing and am curious as to what the staff would decide to price them at.

2. More mending
type warps: I believe the current warp mending is player made (although yes made by staff, it is still player made) based of the 2 that made the warp as well as the donations that come in to support the warp. These warps are already able to appear in /warp, its just that no one really wants to spend so much money on spawners for the community, why not just keep them for themselves?

3. Having diamond pickaxes like this would really be stupid (imo of course), This would add a pay to win aspect to the server, being able to buy a full god tier pickaxe with enchantment levels not even possible to obtain in the game with in real life money would be unfair to other players. On the side of it being payed for with in-game money however I could kind of agree with. I like the idea of adding further enchantment levels for certain enchants for in-game money, although yes I know the admins would make such items very hard to get pricing them very high. (The only reason I say that it would be a full god tier pickaxe even though you suggested just 1 enchantment was because having an unbreaking VII pickaxe with no other enchants, if combined with any pickaxe to make it have the rest of the enchants such as efficiency V etc. it would take the unbreaking level back down to 3 automatically, therefore making the irl money choice not an option if it wasnt to be a complete pick. On the other hand if you wanted in-game money enchantments it would be possible to use a plugin that made it so you could buy a certain enchant that would automatically apply to whatever pickaxe you are holding by simply clicking a sing, although I dont know if such thing is currently possible with the servers version.)

4. The addition of villager eggs in /shop: Having villager eggs in /shop would ruin the prices/economy of both iron and enchantments whilst also kind of shoving it in the player's faces that have worked so hard to get a villager breeder etc. Having villager eggs in /shop would most likely not be very useful for most players on the server anyways. The admins I feel would do what they have already done with Wither Skeleton Spawn eggs and Drowned mob eggs, by pricing them very high. It is understandable why they have priced both those spawn eggs high and why they would make villager spawn eggs high as well. Villagers hold a high value on the server and are used for some very important items within minecraft. With such high prices none of the 'poor' people or even those between 'poor' and 'rich' would be able to get such villager spawn eggs meaning only players with high balances would be able to obtain such spawn eggs. This would mean the rich would get a lot richer.

5. These would make the server a lot more pay to win and so I do not believe it would be likely very considered for the admins. (Although I do not speak for the admins this is just what I have seen) also I think a while ago I asked this question myself, asking why they removed something from /buy and the response was because of the EULA at the time that was looking quite scary, as well as they didnt want pay to win on the server. I think an admin or even dsbizz himself said this to me at the time, although this may have changed I dont know.

6. Yeah this would be nice too although I haven't seen the map too much bigger whilst I have played than what it is right now even after updates.

7. 4 is a normal amount, not going to argue on this point but just seems silly to give players too many vote keys per day. 4 (imo) is a sufficient amount. :)


1. Not much of a problem with this

2. This is already possible its just a matter of whether or not players want to as staff dont control this just set the warps.

3. This would give a type of pay to win/pay to get aspect that is not needed, but an in-game version of this might be nice.

4. Villager eggs would ruin the economy for both iron and enchantment books, of which players have worked very hard to obtain.

5. Would give server a pay to win aspect.

6. Good idea, Haven't seen it happen before though.

7. The current amount of vote keys is fine as it is.

Posted Jan 11, 19