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Hello there,

I know this isnt really a bug, but I just wanted to out my frustration about this.

I have periods where I can play fine, but also some periods where I very often time out from the server, and have a ping of 3000 while playing. This is very annoying, and I hope something can be done about this. I think it is a server sided issue, because my internet connection is fine while I time out and others have had this problem too. If it helps, I want to tell I live in the Netherlands.

Also, when trying to reconnect i often have to do multiple tries to reconnect, which activates a plugin which tells me to wait before reconnecting. This is mildly annoying, but Im sure it will be no problem when the lag gets fixed. :)

BTW: if this is already being worked on, I just want to tell you to keep going and make it all work again, Id appreciate that. :)

Posted Dec 2, 18 · OP
I know from previous experience with the same problem is that torches cause a lot of lag
Posted Dec 2, 18
So, there are a few posisble causes of this. Local lag, server lag and Network lag. Network lag (more common than you realize) is not addressable because it's often the backbone internet providers having an event on their network.

Server lag is not likely a culprit if it keeps happening since I've checked the server when people complain of lag, and the server is running at top speed (when lagging, it reports that it's accomplishing less work than expected).

Finally, local lag is when you're client can't handle the area you are in. This is usually indicated by recurring issues in one specific location (so, spawn might be fine, but if you go to someone /warp, you always lag out, but other warps are fine). In this case, it may be the location needs to be reviewed and if you know of one of these, please let us know.

To address your original post, we are always looking at issues like this because they always happen. Usually isolated and short lived, but they always happen again. If you notice there is a pattern to the problem, let us know and that might be a clue as to what is causing it.

Posted Dec 16, 18